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 Garden Tasks for August

General Tasks Wherever You Live


Pick your spots to work outside according to your local weather forecast.

don't try to work outside when the heat and sun are at their most brutal.

Monitor your garden and keep it watered to maintain your harvest.

Be on high alert for insect pests like thrips, tomato fruitworms, tomato hornworms, spider miteschinch bugsscale, snails, and slugs.

The heat and humidity of midsummer bring with them plant diseases. Inspect your plants for any diseased foliage, and remove it. Dispose of it properly; do not put it in the compost pile where it can continue to spread disease to plants via the compost. Also, disinfect your tools, such as pruners, between each plant to avoid spreading disease.


Keep up with your harvesting, as failure to harvest can slow down production.

Specifically in our Mid-Atlantic region

Keep an eye out for pests like groundhogs and rabbits, so

they don't get to your harvest before you do. 

Keep those last minute annual purchases watered and pest

free, so they will be ready for use in fall plantings.

Continue to mulch to cut down on watering bills and to keep weeds at bay.

If you have one, ensure that your automatic irrigation system is working properly.


Harvest herbs both for immediate use and for drying.

Order spring bulbs.

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