Naturals & Organics

Due to our fire in 2018, the Naturals department is not open at this time.

Our Natural Foods Department is dedicated to providing customers with tasty choices of groceries free of food coloring, preservatives and excess sugar.  We offer soy and rice beverages, cereals, energy bars, a large selection of dry beans, rice, nuts, dry fruit, sauces, dressings, snack foods and local honey.  Many wheat-free, gluten free and dairy-free items are available.


Willey Farms has Gerber's Amish Farm Chicken

Better Feed.......Better Taste!

No Antibiotics!

Vegetarian Diet!

Gluten Free!

Cage Free!

Room to Roam!

Sunlight & Fresh Air!

Dairy Alternatives


Choose from our wide selection of Dairy Alternatives from Pacific, West Soy, Silk and Blue Diamond with flavors including Coconut, Rice, Soy, Almond and Vanilla.

Come choose from more than 2 dozen kinds of dried beans, great for soups and side dishes.
Dried fruits, nuts in bulk, a variety of grains, natural energy bars and dried herbs are also available

Ever have an Organic Soda?


Our selection includes Natural Brew, Blue Sky, Reeds Ginger Brew and Virgil's Low Sodium Gluten Free and Stevia Sweetened Soda with all your favorite flavors like root beer, ginger ale, orange, grape, cream and more! Stop by and give one a try.

Our freezers and coolers hold all natural meats, cheese, entrees, organic produce and non-homogenized milk.  We carry a variety of whole food supplements,
wellness tea and many books about the benefits of a whole foods diet.

Sugar Alternatives

Agave    Stevia

Coconut Sugar     Honey

Maple Sugar     Molasses

Raw Sugar     Erythritol

Malitol     Xylitol

Click here for your sugar alternatives guide