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Party Trays

The Standard Meat Tray includes Cooked Ham, American Cheese, Swiss Cheese and Roast Beef

12 - 16 people     $54.99      w/ 2 dozen rolls    $61.99

20 - 25 people     $68.99      w/3 dozen rolls     $79.99

50 - 60 people     $163.99    w/7 dozen rolls     $187.99

90-100 people    $214.99     w/12 dozen rolls   $256.99

The Deluxe Meat Tray includes Tavern Ham, American Cheese, Our Turkey, Swiss Cheese and Roast Beef

12 - 16 people     $62.99       w/ 2 dozen rolls     $68.99

20-25 people       $81.99       w/ 3 dozen rolls     $92.99

50-60 people       $179.99      w/ 7 dozen rolls    $203.99

90-100 people     $245.99      w/ 12 dozen rolls  $287.99

Fruit Trays

In order to maintain the quality of the fruit, we prefer to offer Fruit Trays on a seasonal basis, approximately May through October. Please call to inquire as to which fruits are available.

       Small                         Medium                          Large

12 - 15 people            20 - 25 people             35 - 40 people

     $40.99                       $55.99                           $69.99

Gourmet Cheese Tray

A delectable mixture of meats (optional) and cheeses, garnished with grapes to cleanse the palate.

*Prices and sizes available upon request.

Vegetable Tray (A Party favorite!)

A wonderful selection of cauliflower, broccoli, bell peppers, cucumbers, baby carrots, celery, cherry tomatoes and a container of Ranch dressing.

20 - 25 people



Sub Tray

A delicious mix of Italian, Turkey and Roast Beef Subs!

      Small                               Large

12 -15 people                  20 - 25 people

     $79.99                             $124.99

BIrthdays     Anniversaries    Family Get-Togethers     

 Card Nights     Graduation Parties

Baby and Wedding Showers     Church Functions

No matter the occasion. Give yourself a break with one of our party platters

or trays at a great price.


 Call to order  302-378-8441 ext 1

 24 hours notice preferred

Actual Fruit Tray appearance will depend upon fruits chosen and availability

Actual appearance of trays

will depend on meats and

cheeses chosen

Actual Sub Tray appearance will depend upon subs chosen an customer requests

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