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Healthy Smoothies

Cucumber and Honeydew Melon Smoothie



·         ½ cup of Greek yogurt

·         1 orange peeled

·         2 cups of fresh honeydew (cut up and frozen)

·         1 Tbs lemon

·         1 cup of sliced cucumber

·         10 ice cubes

Add all ingredients to Blender and blend to desired consistency.


Avocado Banana Smoothie



·         1 Medium Avocado, peeled

·         ½ Cup Greek yogurt

·         1 medium Banana

·         1 Cup unsweetened Original Almond Milk

·         1 tsp Vanilla extract

·         3 Tbs Honey

·         6 Ice Cubes

Add all ingredients to Blender and blend to desired consistency. Make sure when you peel the avocado that you are careful to just take the skin/shell off, the dark green that is just under the shell contains the most nutrition.



Strawberry Mango Kale Smoothie




·         strawberries

·         frozen mango chunks

·         kale

·         1/2 small avocado

·         splash of OJ

·         a tiny bit of honey

You can try different fruits too. Add protein powder, flax, yogurt, etc if desired.



throw all ingredients into blender & mix

Serving Size: 1 12oz serving


Green Envy Avocado Smoothie



·         2 bananas

·         2 cups orange juice

·         1 cup of strawberries (preferably fresh, but frozen will do)

·         1 cup of orange or strawberry sherbet

·         1 cup ice

·         1 avocado, peeled and pitted


Makes 2 servings



Healthy Green Coconut Smoothie



·         2 bananas, frozen

·         2 HUGE handfuls spinach (you won’t even taste it)

·         1 cup milk (almond or soy is even better than moo juice)

·         1/4 teaspoon cinnamon

·         1 teaspoon vanilla

·         1 tablespoon coconut oil

Add all ingredients into a blender. Blend until mixed. Serve in tall glasses and enjoy.




Apple, Kale, Lemon Smoothie



·         4 fresh peeled and cored apples

·         2 cups of water, half a cup of lemon juice

·         5 leaves of kale.



Blueberry Breakfast Smoothie


·         3/4 cup frozen blueberries

·         1/4 cup whey protein powder

·         3/4 cup water

·         1 tablespoon flax seeds (omega-3 and fiber)



Add all ingredients starting with the water. Pulse about 7 times to pulverize frozen fruit and then hold to blend thoroughly.



Fruity Spinach Smoothie


·         1 cored Apple

·         2 cups packed spinach

·         ½ cup Greek yogurt

·         1/3 cup Orange Juice

·         2 Tbs Ground Flax Seed

·         ½ Tbs Honey

·         6 oz Pineapple Juice

·         1 ½ oranges

·         1 Banana (frozen)

·         1 ½ Cups of ice


Here are some things you can add to your smoothies for extra nutrients:

Psyllium fiber is a great weight loss supplement that helps to satisfy the appetite and regulate the digestive system.

Coconut milk is great for weight loss and adds great flavor. Coconut milk helps control blood sugar and build strong bones.

Your local health food supply store will carry protein powers. Adding whey protein powders can be an easy way to add protein to your diet.

Greek yogurt can add to the consistency and provide added health benefits. Greek yogurt is a good source of calcium and can help curb your appetite.

Keep in mind, however, that the suggested add-ins aren’t necessarily low in calories.

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