Garden Supply

Any job goes better when you have the right tools, and that goes for Gardening too! Our Garden Supply area has just what you need for landscaping, vegetable gardening, container gardening, feeding the birds in your neighborhood and, well, just making your house look pretty!

Garden Tools

Shovels       Rakes     Trowels     Garden Hoses


Trellises       Watering Cans       Plant Stakes


Hand Tools      Gloves      Diggers            

Pots & Planters

Round       Square     Rectangle


Ceramic       Clay       Plastic       Resin


       In many colors of the rainbow!       


Military themed statues featuring all branches of the service 


Beach themes with fish, lighthouses, sand stars and more


Religious statues including St Francis of Assisi 


Animal Statues - Dogs, Birds, Elephants, Dolphins, Turtles & more!

miltary statue.JPG

                      Bird Lovers

Bird Feeders       Bird Houses (traditional & fun shapes)

A variety of bird food to attract different types of bird

Bird Baths

       Hummingbird Lovers

Feeders in a variety of shapes and colors

Nectar (ready to  use and concentrate)

Ant Mote/Guards          Cleaning Accessories

Soil & Soil Amendments


Herbicides       Fertilizers       Insecticides

(including Organic)

Bagged Stone     Bagged Sand


Potting Soils     Garden Soil      Peat Moss

Bagged Mulch 


Specialty Soils (orchid, cactus, bonsai & African Violet)