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Garden Supply

The Garden Supply areas feature pots of all sizes, bird baths, and garden accents. We carry chemicals and fertilizers, including natural and organic remedies, potting mixes and mulches. Complete your garden with statues, flags, or an iron display holder for a hummingbird feeder.

Garden Tools


Shovels, Rakes, Trowels,

Garden Hoses,Trellises,

Watering Cans, Plant Stakes

Hand Tools, Gloves, Diggers            

Soil & Soil Amendments


Herbicides, Fertilizers, Insecticides (including Organic),

Bagged Stone, Bagged Sand

Potting Soils, Garden Soil, 

Peat Moss, Bagged Mulch, 

Specialty Soils

    (orchid, cactus, bonsai& African Violet)              

Pots & Planters

Round, Square, Rectangle

Ceramic, Clay, Plastic, Resin

       In many colors of the rainbow!       

miltary statue_edited.jpg


Military themed statues, Fish,

Lighthouses, Sand stars, Birds,

Religious statues, Dogs,

Elephants, Dolphins,

Turtles & more!

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