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Fruits That Fight the Flu

There's a reason why you've always been told to eat your five fruits and vegetables each day....because it's good for you!

We're exposed to millions of germs in winter and all the vitamins we get by eating fruit helps our immune system to fight those germs.

Give your immune system a boost by eating these five super germ fighters...


Apples - One apple has the antioxidant effect equivalent to 1,500 mg of vitamin C. The protective flavonoids in apples may also prevent heart disease and cancer.


Papayas - A papaya has 250 percent of the recommended daily allowance of vitamin C  so just one serving can knock out your cold before it gets a grip on you.


Cranberries - One serving of cranberries has five times the amount antioxidants as broccoli. They are a natural probiotic which enhances good bacteria levels and protects you from foodborne illnesses.


Grapefruit - Also, loaded with vitamin C, the grapefruit contains liminoids which naturally help lower cholesteral. Lycopene, found in the red varieties of grapefruit, is a potent cancer fighter, too.


Bananas - The magnesium found in bananas will keep your bones strong and help maintain an healthy blood pressure. PLus, bananas help prevent heart disease with their potassium content. The banana is one of the top 5 sources of vitamin B6 so help self and help reduce fatique, depression, stress and insomnia.


Eat healthy....stay healthy!

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