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The Comfort Campaign

This is our 7th year for the Comfort Campaign

and we are so grateful to all our great

customers for their help. Each winter, we ask

that when you clean out your linen closet,

you bring all those gently used towels, sheets

and blankets that you don't want anymore to Willey's Market. We have a collection bin just inside the front door and all you have to do is drop your donation in the bin. That's it! We'll do the rest!

                There are a number of local animal rescues,                              shelters and veterinary hospitals that have                                been able to use your donations over the                                    years so it's a real win win for everyone!

This year we will be collecting your donations thru the month of February. The Brandywine Valley SPCA at the Copeland Center in New Castle was our first

recipient this year. Thanks again for

all your help, from all of us AND all

the animals staying warm this winter. 

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