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Glass Greenhouse

Spring is such a fantastic time of year and the Glass Greenhouse will be bursting with the colors of spring on opening day. 

Spring Gardening Chores

Spring Favorites in the Greenhouse include ...

Hellebores     Daffodils     Tulips

Herbs     Veggie Plants     Pansies

Ajuga     Allium     Creeping Phlox

Dianthus     Artemisia     Hyacinth


How to have color in your yard all year long? Click here for tips from our partner Proven Winner

  1. Check out your gardening tools and get them clean of rust and sharpened if that is their function

  2. Take inventory of your supplies so you'll know what you'll be needing and can stock up.

  3. Have a look at your garden and flower beds to see how they fared through the winter. You can see what wintered over, raised beds may need repair, pull out dead annuals, do needed pruning and pull weeds.

  4. Now is also the time to divide your perennials. If you notice some of them are getting a little big, get in there and divide them up so you can spread the beauty around. And if you just don't have another spot for them in YOUR yard, we're betting a neighbor or friend would love to have them for their yard.

  5. Turning to your garden, now is the time to plant those cool weather seeds like radishes, spinach, lettuce, kale, broccoli, cabbage, and peas. Be sure your soil is not too soggy for planting though. If you have to wait a few days to plant, take the time to sort through your seeds and separate the cool weather seeds from the warm weather ones. 

  6. And speaking of warm weather plants, you can start them indoors by planting the seeds. Tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers and other warm weather plants can get a great start indoors this month. And once they get started, you can choose the hardiest one to plant in your garden at the appropriate time.

  7. Your body needs good nutrients to grow and so does your soil. Take this time to feed your soil by adding compost or seasoned manure. And don't forget about a nice slow release fertilizer to keep your plants growing all season long. Plant Tone from Espoma is a great all purpose fertilizer, or you can get more specific and go with Rose Tone, Holly Tone, Garden Tone and others.

  8. Now is a good time to refresh your flowers pots as well. Make sure the soil is fresh and prepared for planting and work on a plan for where you think you want them to go.

For those of you in Delaware or the Delmarva Peninsula, you should know that we are

growing Zone 7.

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