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Japanese Red Mape


After a nice nap over the winter, the Nursery is coming alive once again. All the wonderful spring trees and bushes are arriving each week and spring excitement is building! 

raspberry bush_edited.jpg

Opening Day Choices

Red Japanese Maple     Flowering Peach

Weeping Cherry     Flowering Almond

Corkscrew Willow

Fuji Apple     Gala Apple

McIntosh Apple     Granny Smith Apple

Red Delicious Apple     Honeycrisp Apple

Blackberry Bushes     Yellow Peach

Bartlett Pear     Asian Pear

Plum Tree     Raspberry Bushes

Coming soon

Blueberry Bushes     Blackberry Bushes

Kiwi     Grapes

fruit tree in bloom_edited.jpg

Spring Fruit Tree Care

It's time to fertilize, but it is essential to know the health of your soil. Organic fertilizer and compost are great choices but remember that over fertilizing with excess nitrogen can burn the roots of your fruit tree or end up promoting vegetation but not much fruit. Also remember that phosphorus is necessary for fruit development so it is good to use a well balanced fertilizer.

Prune back dead branches and overgrowth but make sure you do not remove more than 1/3 of the canopy. When you do your pruning, be sure to remove any overlapping branches and ensure that there's good airflow in between the branches.

Now is the time to do a little weeding. Get rid of those pesky weeds that compete with your fruit tree for nutrients and water in the soil. And to help with moisture and weed control, a nice layer of mulch will be very helpful.

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