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The Bird House

The Bird House, home to all things bird! We also have lots of cool hiking items, information on local parks and hiking trails. Some hummingbirds have been sighted in the area so it's time to welcome them to your backyard with a nectar filled feeder. You'll find a great variety of both at The Bird House. 

hummingbird feeder (2).jpg
big dog biscuits.jpg

All your four legged roommates love the Bird House too because we've got Beaverdam dog foods, dog and cat treats and toys.

bird figure.jpg
wooden bird house (2).jpg

Choose a birdhouse in many shapes and colors, plus bird food to attract a variety of backyard birds

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skeeter patio egg.jpg

We are working with the folks over at the Delaware Park Service to provide you with maps and information on area parks and trails. When you stop by, you can check out the camping supplies, walking sticks, sun hats, back packs, books on local edible plants and much more during your visit.

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