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The Bird House

Birds, hummingbirds, dogs, cats, squirrels and outdoor adventures! We've got it all covered for you in the Bird House! Located right next to The Mercantile, the Bird House is full everyday with fascinating things! And right now they're all decked out in their Christmas finest


lg Santa dog toy.jpg
bird tree.jpg

Looking for a toy for your dog or cat?

we've got a ton!

resin trees and cardinals.jpg

Cardinals are always popular and we have a selection of cardinal themed Christmas ornaments and decor.

holiday cardinals.jpg
toasted t shirt combo.jpg
Christmas 2023 tree.jpg

We have nice Simply Southern flannel shirts and fun T shirts for the guys. Simply Southern quilted shirts to keep you warm, too.

beer season T shirt.jpg
Simp So flannel shirts.jpg

Our Christmas trees are FULL of birds!

Prepare for the winter with a variety of bird seed for your backyard feathered friends.

seed bags_edited.jpg

We are working with the folks over at the Delaware Park Service to provide you with maps and information on area parks and trails. When you stop by, you can check out the camping supplies, walking sticks, sun hats, back packs, books on local edible plants and much more during your visit.

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